9.5 ping/ delay compensation is broken when in 64 bit mode

I get this very same issue too since upgrading from 8.5… I haven’t tried 32 bit yet but the Ping always reports “0” in 9.5 64 bit mixengine for me in any case.
I really need to be able to ping at all times. A total showstopper for me so I’m back on 8.5 for now.

Just record your wave, measure the empty space before the transient divide it by samplerate and there is your delay, ping needs to work, but if not, this is how you do it.

Ditch 64 bit. It’s pointless anyway.

This is a good idea but my Prism Sound Orpheus can change it’s latency at any time during a session so it isn’t really feasable.
I need to measure the delay every time before i bounce anything analog (for peace of mind)

How would the prism do that? Normally the buffersize is set in the driver? Does the Prism have a dynamic buffer?

I’ve spoken to support at Prism Sound support about this and they just said that this is normal. I think it is crazy. My old RME-APOGEE setup always reported the same roundtrip delay no matter what i did. Prism Sound Orpheus drivers are barely hanging on by the skin of its teeth if you ask me.

Wow, that sounds insane, first time I’ve heard of that.

I am having exactly the same issue: when using cubase pro 9.5 in 64 bit the ping works (I can see the signal passing out of the DAC, through the gear it is connected to and back into the ADC), but it always reports 0 as the delay (which is of course wrong, and things are no longer in sync)

Can confirm the ping does not work in 64-bit mode (mac os 10.11)
I do think the latency reporting is broken in general.
Using my Bricasti via AES, each click of the ping button gives a different result, and each result sounds wrong/bad, I end up just having to tune the delay by ear or measure manually.

Can someone at Steinberg please test this out to confirm the issue.

I just found another thread with more people having the delay compensation issue


Still not working in 9.5.10.

Proof there’s a real fundamental problem with 64 bit delay compensation beyond just pinging external hardware.

I totally agree. If I remember correctly, it worked in CB 8.5 but not always and the results would vary. It got better in CB 9.0.
Not sure whats affecting this to not work properly in 64 bit, but it’s probably not a minor issue.

Unfortunately, this has been broken for a VERY long time for some people - even in 32-bit mode. Check out this thread:


Good catch. Thanks!!

Confirmed still not working in 9.5.1. Such a shame. :frowning:

I might be kicking in open doors here but just as a tip you should always measure “ping” with a dry signal.
If you have any kind distortion or reverb or such there is a chance you might get a slightly off delay measurement because cubase is trying to measure a very short ping.

If ýou have a digital reverb unit for instance you should set it to 100% “dry” before you measure. That way you get both your D/A-A/D delay and the delay you get from the digital reverb unit itself (as an example).

It sucks because using 64 bit actually is more efficient on my system but I cannot use it due to the ping not working in 64 bit mode.

I’m still waiting for someone at Steinberg to let us know that they are at least aware of this.

First, I am waiting for a fix my self :wink:

Second, Switch to 32 bit mode, do your pinging and save your external plugins (and/or write down the delay settings). Then switch back to 64 bit mode…

^^^Cheers for the workaround Carvin Man.

The delay settings are saved so no need to write them down. Just switch back to 64bit engine and they’re there.

Still a fiddle about IMO.

I agree, and I actually mentioned the same workaround in a previous post.

This is only effective when and only using 1 external FX at a time. What if you need to eq and compress or even run your signal thru 2 fx 'pieces of gear before coming back into Cubase? This is where the delay ping is required. Who’s not to say that 64 bit processing doesn’t add some delay… how would one know since it’s not working in 64 bit :confused: