9.5 pro -10 pro upgrade advice please

I currently use 9.5 pro on windows 7. I’d like to try the trial of windows 10 and just wondered if someone can throw me some install advice.

I saw some posts back last year about this but I can’t seem to find them anywhere :frowning: If it’s easier to point me to those I’d be grateful for the steer…

Basically, the Cubase 10 trial is 20GB. I’ve already got the VST sound stuff and other sample data from C9.5 on a separate drive. Is there a way to merge the sample / vst sound data between the two versions or am I better specifying a completely new folder for it and run the two concurrently? On that note I did find a post that said when trying to install, Cubase tried to put all content on the C drive rather than letting the user specify a separate location…

Or maybe I would be better just biting the bullet and buying the upgrade? Is that a smaller file size and does it only install the extra sample data that wasn’t included in 9.5?



I would run them concurrently as you describe. As to data I would advise updating it all. The plugins have been updated and I think some of the add on loops too. If you have the space I would do it that way.
I do like Cubase 10 Pro. I also miss some few things that were in 9.5. I believe you get more good things in 10, though, and I can live with that.

In the end 10 is positioned as a new beginning as I see it. Therefore, it seems a good idea to commit to it.

Thanks :slight_smile: