[9.5 Pro] - Adapt to Zoom doesn't work with triplet quantization.

To reproduce:

  1. Activate Adapt to Zoom
  2. Change quantize setting to triplets – any kind of triplets
  3. You will see that the grid lines, no matter how you zoom, do not show triplets and that the events do not snap to triplets.

In regular snap-to-quantize mode it works perfectly when quantize is set to triplets, but then when you go into Adapt to Zoom it goes into straight quantization and not triplets.

I just noticed this too. No triplets nor Dotted grid lines seem to be available for Adapt to Zoom. Also, it only goes up to 1/64 and does not show 1/128.
I switch a lot between triplets and dotted grid lines, so for the moment i cannot use the Adapt to Zoom as a set it and forget.
Nice feature, but it could be improved in a future update.

Come on friends, let’s get a lot of responses on issues like these so they can be turned into official cases and be resolved.

I notice this as well - couldn’t work out what was going on, but that’s what it is.

Same problem here. Not functioning on my songs with triplets unfortunately…

Bump, for more support from other users on this.