9.5 Pro Plugins not really bypassed-bug?

By clicking on the mixer ‘Inserts Bypass’ button either the whole channel or individually, although they seem bypassed, they are still somehow active in a small way, until you actually open each individual plugin and press the ‘power off’ button, then you can hear the difference.
I just finished a mix and was listening back from the ‘Import Audio’ window which disables all plugins from the mixer and it was distorted …I have been pulling my hair out to find out why and then it hit me, it was going through the whole chain of plugins again even though they were disabled…I opened them all up individually and powered them down and my mix suddenly sounded like it should and dropped in level.

This is a very difficult issue having to do all this each time you want to bypass a plugin. Even on an individual channel if you wanna bypass to hear the difference between the effect on and off, even though it seems off, try actually powering it off and hear the difference.

I don’t know if this only with certain plugins or not but never did this before in any other version of Cubase.

Anyone else getting this issue?

Win 7 x64
Intel i7 4790K Quad Core 4.40GHz 32GB ASUS Z97-K

The Plugins are still ON when they are bypassed but should just let audio pass through without altering anything.
ALT click to turn them OFF completely .

Thanks for your comment however, my point is that they DO alter the audio passed through them as explained above.

Doesn’t happen on previous version of Cubase but 9.5 is different.