[9.5 Pro, Win10 64bits] Crash when creating a new audio track


My Cubase pro 9.5 crashes everytime I create a new audio track in an empty project (crashes also if I try to open any existing project).
Windows 10 64 bits, 8GB RAM, all previous Cubase Pro versions running fine so far since Cubase Pro 6.0
I’ve tried with my audio device USB connected (MOTU UltraLite mk3 hybrid) and the MOTU ASIO Driver, with the speakers only (with generic low latency asio driver), and even with no driver at all, always the same crash.

Thanks for your help ! Attaching a dump file.

Best regards
CrashDumps.zip (218 KB)

Reported to Steinberg.

Hi @olepogam,

Which graphics card / model and driver version are you currently using, please?

Hello !
Cubase is running on an Asus laptop (i5-2410M) with 8GB RAM (Win 10 64bits).
Graphics is a GeForce GT540M, drivers version 388.31, Direct3D 11.2, Direct X 12.0.
Thanks for your help !

OK, in this case, there is NVIDIA chipset and it will be related to the known NVIDIA driver issues. Please, try to experiment with different NVIDIA driver versions. Try the very latest one, if it doesn’t work, try to use an older (2016) one, please.

We usually recommend to re-install the driver following this procedure: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206463164--Recording-Error-Too-many-tracks-recording-
(please, ignore the article’s title, it is actually about a different issue)

If that fails too, please try with the driver 373.06, that’s the one we had most success with.

I checked the dump, the issue is indeed the one Martin referred to.