9.5 pro won’t load

Hi Just bought 9.5 pro when I downloaded it the first time grove agent was missing so I uninstalled and have now reinstalled problem is when I launch from icon it won’t load the program I’ve noticed in the loading it says vst
x2 before it keeps going through lot of iAd plugins which I don’t have etc etc any help appreciated

Hi and welcome,

Does it mean it crashes during the start? If yes, could you attach a crash dump file, please?

Hi Thanks I’m not sure what it’s doing the black square with Cubase comes up and it just seems to be loading everything on the planet but never starts,I’m sorry I’m not technical I wouldn’t know how to attach a file

So Cubase is scanning for the long time? What is the last you can see is loading on the Cubase screen? Are you sure, there is no any hidden dialogue?

Hi No nothing just keeps on scrolling various plugins bl file etc

Vll file


If there is a progress, and the plug-ins change, then just wait.

Hi Martin I have now downloaded 10 pro exactly the same the program had loaded onto C; drive but it will not initiate you get the Cubase start up screen then it seems to be running everything from the c: drive underneath plugins etc it goes on for hours round and roud


Did you install it?

Hi Martin i’ve installed the program and there is a shortcut to the desktop but as above I’m on a PC Cubase artist 6 was great ,sadly i need to upgrade because of routing now 4 weeks in and nothing.


Hi Martin just to let you know I have no idea what a crash dump file is



If you are on Windows, the files are located in Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps.

If you are on Mac, you can find it in the macOS utility Console > User Reports.