9.5 problems on Mac

Updated from 7.0 and no issues so far except the following:

Selecting a track and opening the in-place editor will make sure that that track will be pushed to the bottom of the screen so that only a small portion of it will be within the view which means I need to scroll to it every time. But, the biggest issue is that sometimes Cubase will even crash as I open the in-place editor.

There is also a problem with hiding the Status Line, it always reappears at random just while doing nothing but having a project opened and it always appears when cubase is reopened.

Mac OS 10.13.1
MacBook Pro 15 2016 with intel HD 530 Graphics


macOS 10.13 is not officially supported yet.

Could you share (via Dropbox or similar service) the crashlog file, please? They are located in the Console utility of macOS.

After several crashes I tried to recreate the crash to determine why it doesn’t happen some times. What I found was that it happens when I open the in-place editor right after I delete a clip from that instrument track. It does not crash if I wait a couple of seconds after a clip is deleted and then open the in-place editor and so far this behaviour is consistent.

I’ll see what I can do with the crashlog…

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