9.5 Right Zone MediaBay - Awesome! Some suggestions...

Having the MediaBay in the Right Zone is what has made it become way more useful for me now. Being able to set up the view and filter columns, and select a handful of track presets, drag them into the project to instantiate them all in the one unified project window - brilliant.

Just needs a bit of TLC now:

  • Let us show/hide the preview and keyboard at the bottom of the RZ MediaBay. Most of my instrument track presets are large Kontakt multis which take a bit of time to load, and it’s a huge workflow drag when they start loading in the Preview pane when I don’t want them to.
  • Have the last-used MediaBay view stay persistent between project loads / app launches. Having to drill back into the view I had before is fairly annoying. At least have the current view saved in the project file, please.
  • As an added feature, it would be awesome to be able to drag and drop track(s) from your project into the RZ MediaBay and have track presets created for them automatically.

On top of the ever-present request as before re: the LZ/RZ:

  • Make each Lower Zone and Right Zone tab remember its height (LZ) or width (RZ) respectively. I want the MediaBay to be wide, but the CR / Meter tab to be narrow. And likewise I’d like independent sizes for the LZ MixConsole, Editor tab, etc. Manually resizing all of these every time I switch tabs is ridiculous and defeats the purpose of the Zones workflow-wise. Maybe a solution is to enable a “pin” button that lets you pin the size of the zones which would make everyone happy, being able to choose the preferred behavior. ie: each tab remembers its own size unless you press a Pin button which locks the current size across all tabs.

+1 !

Plz. add all vsti instruments to the “MEdia / Instruments” tab, not only steinberg ones…


Some good ideas. Very good actually. +1

+1 time is money, so lets make it faster.


Yes, that is realy needed. The lower zone and the right zone must remember their last width and height. Now as it is it doesn’t make sense for the workflow. Everytime you change from mixer to the editor or whatever and come back you have to adjust the window. Why? Just look at another DAW from Hamburg, there it is no problem.

You can also show in the right zone the meter and as an option the control room under the meter, very good. But after changing the meter for example to the mediabay and coming back to the meter, you have to check the option to show the control room under the meter again. Why, why?

Please make cubase to rememeber the last settings of the lower and right zone. This would make the workflow much better than it is now. And please bring this feature to Cubase 9.5 asap with the next update, not only with Cubase X.


+1 Great ideas!


also, I would love for the right pane to also be able to show Markers. I use them a lot for spotting audio and music to video, and it saves me from having have extra space for a separate marker window…


It’d be extra nice if they furthermore could bring back list view, instead of these huge folder icons in favourites. Just as it used to be…useful.