9.5 score editor

is 9.5 with an improved score editor ?

Thank You

doubt it :slight_smile:

If you’re still using Cubase 8, the following was added in Cubase 9 (I don’t remember if any changes were made in 8.5):

Score Editor with Rhythmic Notation

Rhythmic Notation allows you to transform regular score notation to be displayed in a
condensed, rhythmical notation version. This can be of great help when creating lead sheets
to just provide information about rhythmical phrasing to other musicians. The function does
not change the note data itself, just the way it is represented.


Enhanced note input for the Score Editor

In case you’re using the Score Editor frequently you’ve probably come across the “Computer
Keyboard Input” mode. Well, with version 9, this capability has been improved to allow easier
and faster input.


If they changed anything in 9.5 then they forgot to advertise it.