9.5 seems not to chase MCU FIXED in 9.5.1

Hi All,

I’m using MCU to control SSL Sigma summing boxes. It appears that I have two new problems related to chasing MCU events:

  1. The Sigma fader values are not being initialized at the beginning of the song.
  2. If I change position in the song the fader values are not chased.

a) I’m on the latest version of windows 10. (creators update)
b) Moving a Cubase fader with my mouse seems to work and cause the correct response in Sigma. Subsequent automation moves seem to work.
c) I tried trashing my preferences.

Although I’m using Sigmas in this application, I would expect the same issue for any Mackie Control hardware.

Has any one else experienced Mackie Control issues?
If so, is there a fix?

Thanks for your help.
I can SORT OF work around this issue by creating an automation event before the song starts on each channel where automation is enabled. I did not have to do this in 9.0. This makes the song play back correctly from the start. However, still does not chase the events when repositioning in the song.

There are no issues I have found other than the obvious:

  1. no bank change with MCU.
  2. horrible character limit.

Here they do change and are being initialized. I’m using QconPro (MCU protocol)

I just tested the same song in 9.0 to be sure I wasn’t missing something. The MCU automation works as expected in 9.0. I’m now thinking this is a bug.

Not so sure its a bug now. I reverted to a backup of the song and the problem was not present. Perhaps my song file got corrupted somehow. I’'ll work with the backup version for now and see if the problem returns. I’ll post back in a few days and let you all know what happened.

I may be completely wrong about this, but it sounds very similar to an automation issue I bumped into after loading working automated 9.0 Projects into 9.5.

I think the problem may be because 9.5 defaults with “Use Virgin Territory” checked on in the Automation panel’s Preferences menu when initially reading Projects created in 9.0. Try clicking it off and see if everything starts working again. If it doesn’t, sorry, it was worth a shot.

Thanks Weasel. This did not help but it was worth a try.

However, 9.5.1 just came out and mine was the first issue fixed in the version history. So it was a bug but it has been fixed. This is fantastic news for me and will save me a lot of work and wasted time.

Thanks Steinberg

next to that, automation with virgin territories is not fixed… hurry up steinberg… there’s some work to do… for now I’ve paid an update I can’t use… and there are plenty of new things in 9.5 I would be happy to use.