9.5 Sensitive horizontal zoom

Has anyone noticed, with 9.5 not 9.0, that when either the + or - in the horizontal zoom are clicked, that sometimes it either zooms right in or right out rather drastically? I’ve made sure the point of the arrow (I assume that’s its hotspot) is exactly over the + or -. It does happen more often than not. Have learnt to use the G and H for this now.

I noticed. And wrote here:
Nobody beleive me ))

I noticed it right away. I’ve gotten in the habit of hovering over the zoom slider and using the mouse wheel instead. It doesn’t take long to get used to.

Don’t think many uses those, way to small to hit.
Use the G and H keys, or click and drag in the timeline.

Thanks Turbobluzz I hadn’t seen your previous observation. Actually, my problem was on the main screen - not the key editor.

Yes, it zooms way to much sometimes. Pretty unusefull.

Why not just hold CTL and scroll with your mousewheel?
I use that all the time (and scroll L-R with hold down Shift and scroll with mousewheel, and Shift+F to zoom to the whole project).

I used those zoom bars in the past (before becoming more comfortable with the above), but I abandoned these because they are indeed far too “sensitive”. It would be nice if there was a way to set that sensitivity to low level, and use the + and - signs for fast scroll.

i use the mouse and cmd key but often it is easier to use the horizontal zoom + - thing in the corner but it way to sensitive it’s a shame steinberg haven’t sorted this out yet

i use the zoom bars in the bottom right of the project window and they are way to sensitive. Spend forever trying to correct it. A bit like the panners in the mixer.

Put it in the Issues forum. At this point we have no idea if it gets to Steinberg or not, due to the lack of communication here, but it at least has a better chance there. Put a link to it here, and everyone needs to support and comment on only this specific issue in the Issue forum.

Hi, I’ve just figured out how to solve the problem with too much sensitivity on the horizontal zoom bar.

In my case, my project length was set to 17 hours for some reason, when I was only working with 6 minutes.

Under Project > Project Setup I set the project length to 6 minutes, and the zoom controls all worked perfectly.