9.5 so far ..

In mixer view - as you hover over plugin selection the label ‘Pre’/‘Post’ is wrong ? pre should be under the green line?

Magneto III is correct on the plug in once opened but labelled Magneto II in plug in list

Post should be under the green line, like this:

Easy Mark, how’s tricks?

That’s because it’s the same plugin, just with a new interface.

but pre was bottom slots before? … so shouldn’t my post plugins automatically drop into below? … I can drag the line but it will always only go as high as one plugin still in pre rather than post?
Screenshot 2017-11-15 16.48.44.jpg

easy owen …

wow we’re getting skins names / versions too ! whoopie ! :slight_smile:

There has to be a minimal of one pre-fader insert.

so why isn’t it pushing my previous arrangements plugins to post fader then ? … are we going to have to drag down a slot and pull up the green bar on all my post fader plugins on each older arrangement? … shouldn’t this happen automatically …?

or at very least, by default, load each plugin 1 slot down, so can just drag the pre/post to top, with one pre slot empty …

flux is good … importing of your own tables would be nice … :slight_smile:

offline plugin editor … I want to save a process chain I have just made (Compression, EQ, Normalize) and you can not do this :frowning:

Media bay windows potion and size are not saved in Workspaces anymore. big let down for me

Heres my pros and cons for the moment


more inserts…finally, no more groups into groups for in-depth chains
Quantise to zoom - always warmed to this feature when using Ableton and Bitwig
Fav in media bay is a winner for how I work
direct offline processing is a nice touch also when you want to visually see what your processing is doing, but I agree with the chains not being saved is a let down


switching to 64bit audio precision is an option I want to use, but you have to restart the daw for the settings to take place, that’s fine…if it didn’t crash everytime I close the daw and revert back to 32 on re open,

my gui seems to pause for a split second every 20-30 seconds

and my key commands and prefs didn’t transfer over automatically, not the end of the world to copy and paste from 9’s folder, but it did in other versions and I can imagine everyone is expecting to continue where they left off last

that’s it for now

It seems evident that 16 Insert slots should be a big improvement, but…logically the slots are narrower, so the Bypass and Open/Close icons are to the left of the name plugin. On the other hand, and inexplicably, the font size is bigger, so the plugins name is cut and sometimes hard to guess which is which. In Cubase 9 I was able to read the complete name of all my plugins. In the 9.5 version I can’t.

On the other hand, is there a way to hide some of the Inserts slots, just as in the Mixer when they are empty? When all of them are displayed the Fader is cut at the bottom of my 27”” monitor. A lot of unused Inserts slots space in 90% or more of the cases.

To be honest I must admit that I very rarely use, if ever, more than 8 inserts.

Pre fader was top 6 slots before.

Finally after alot of B-Itching and crying, steinberg seems to have fixed this bug :smiley: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=253&t=125133

I was very close to switching daw because of this issue, but i can say that im a happy customer again. There are still some small quirks, but C9.5 looks very promising.

Yep, I took note of your issue and couldn’t reproduce it in C9.5

Please upload the crash dump (.dmp file) in a new thread in the Issues subforum so it can be looked at.

Thank you for confirming, djw. I will change the subject to “fixed”


Cubase 9.5 installed ok, at startup a prettylong wait. But the C9.5 installed and runs ok. The plugins all came back, a project i loaded that contains 32bit and 64bit plugins all loaded good and played well. No probs. I just saw the video that has the improvements and it fits what i needed and expected, loads of improvements. I use Jbridge for 32 bit plugins, it works fine under C9.5 and C9. Midi timing is the same as well as soundcard time/latency. Runs very smooth, so no probs installing and did a running check. The looks and feel is teh same but different. Did not work for a long time, but the C9.5 update passed this short test. :question: :bulb: :arrow_right: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Anybody try the video engine? Any improvement over 9.0.30?