9.5 so far ..

Also many of the vst plugins are not grouped by vendor but in VST3 EQ or Dynamics folders making my Waves collection very difficult to locate visually.

Plus why are my preferences not picked up and why is it impossible to transfer the recent projects worked on in C9.

I have lost the will to live

A long time ago I spent about an hour to create my own arrangement of my plugins. Two of them include all plugins sorted by 1) vendor and 2) function (dynamics, EQ, distortion, etc.). The third one is just a small selection of my favorite/go-to plugins. With these three libraries I’m always able to find exactly what I want in just a few seconds. :wink:

I did too but these prefs have not been carried forward into C9.5. Plus all the VST3 locations have been altered so I will have to do the work all over again. Grrrrr

All worked flawless on C9.5 for a few hours working on a project. Seems all is ok with latency speed midi timing and plugins32 and 64 bit. So great. Do not know about the VST3 Presets locations, seems everything is fine and running very well.

No profile manager for Artist version. That’s BS. It’s a feature that should be in every version

My preferences seem to have carried over from 9 to 9.5 ok. All my plug in collections and saves are there .
Sorry to hear yours hasn’t. I know it’s frustrating.

I’ve been editing and mixing all day on 9.5. Open and closes quicker than 9 for me. Not run into any problems so far.

So far, so good. A good upgrade

Pretty sure you’re the only person on these forums demanding this. Everyone else who needed this feature already upgraded to Pro.

It’s just not something that would benefit the intended target audiences of Cubase Artist and Elements greatly.

I disagree, pro has many features that I don’t want/need but profile manager is one that every user can greatly benefit from:)

Well, I encountered three issues since yesterday.
Configuration files of the 9.03 weren’t transferred. I did it manually and C9.5 won’t start. So I did a reset and copied only userpreferences, keycommands and port setup.xml. Those have been accepted.

VSTs bridged with jbridge seem to work functionally, but have no GUI anymore, any.

And I had the the issue with the missing FLUX presets too.

So far so good.

Worked on it all day yesterday-loving it! Love the curves. So much easier to get what I want quickly with automation! LOVE the range editing (FINALLY!!!) Key commands transferred over fine for me on mac.

Actually I love the style of the comps and magneto, have a lot of use for the new right zone. Even tiny cosmetics like new studio menu are rather helpful. All in all it looks and feels smoother and more tidy.

Good job!

The coolest feature is the midi/audio to sampler channel. I love this.

For the first time in a very long time I’m impressed with what Steinberg has done with an update! Very well done.

My only wish now it to be able to adjust the curvature of the fades of an audio region straight from the arrange window rather than using the pop-up fade tool.

I’d love the same curve automation from the arrange window in the key editor in the key editor too, but that might be asking too much…

Baby steps mate, we just got curve automation after people crying about it for years.

That said, loading/saving .fxchainpresets to the offline process window would be a dream come true.

I can’t imagine they’re leaving this out, will hopefully be added in one of the next updates!

Apart from a few cosmetic issues, I’m loving it!

Full day of work, and very stable and snappy.

Had a few problem which seem to have cleared up after a restart, and it’s been smooth sailing since.

I’ll chime in again and say that they did some really great work on this version. My need is that they finish what they started with things like automation trim (seeing precisely how much you’re adjusting it is key for the super fast pace and precise amounts that I need to work at for clients), Bezier curves in MIDI editors, etc. I hope 9.5 is an general indication of how things will be from now on with Steinberg, because it does create a loyal fanbase. There are still many little things that 100% need attention, but I’m happy that it seems to be headed in a positive direction.

My Preferences all migrated fine except for the colors (which seem to be setup in an entirely new way). So now a bunch of items like the faders for example are uncolored & just show outlines. Anyone else have this happen?

Also the background colors seem to be restricted so they can only be very dark (too dark for my taste).

Its too early (didnt this used to come along in early December? I missed the grace period thang) and now too expensive… from 8.5 - will have to wait. I dont see $200 worth of improvements. But reading y’all with interest. Bleeding edgers! :wink:

To me Cubase 9 + 9.5 is $300 worth of improvements, minimum. You can work so fast now that this feels like a different DAW. Both the workflow and the graphics are faster and smoother, and it seems that the 64 bit audio engine actually uses less CPU.