9.5 synchronisation


Just installed the 9.5.

First note I play with the 9.5, a issue appeared ! I’m using VEP. I loaded a sync delay on the second pc. With EXACTLY the same cubase file & vieanna file. Have a listen to the mp3 file : one named 9 (for version 9) and the other 9.5 you’ll be surprise by the 9.5 sync delay !! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

9.5 is UNUSABLE ! I don’t know what’s wrong : in the 2° pc, vienna shows the right tempo but the delay is not sync ! F…K !

The only difference between those 2 files is the cubase version ! :imp:
Audio.rar (102 KB)

Ooops ! False alarm !! :mrgreen: Vienna asio guard has to be inactive to avoid this kind of issue ! I copy/pasted the C9.0 roaming folder in the 9.5 one but apparently, not all settings are kept.

It plays correctly, now.