9.5 to 10 upgrade promo missed?

Does anyone have pricing info on the promotion that started August 31 (I think) to upgrade Cubase 9.5 Pro to 10? I guess I missed the memo but would have upgraded. I see it’s $99 now. How much was it then? Are there any specials or promo codes? I upgraded 9.0 to 9.5 for $50. Thanks!


In August, Cubase 10 was not released yet. So there was no this kind of promo in that time.

Yes, .0 > .5 upgrades are cheeper ($50) and .5 to +1.0 are more expensive ($99). It’s like this for years already.

Oh that’s GREAT and helpful info THANK YOU! Was worried I missed out on a less expensive upgrade promo. #LoveCubase!