9.5 Update vs Full install?

Decided to download both jic (kudos on the Download assistant Steinaha) I was skeptical at 1st.

This will be my first time going sans 32bit plugs iow, 100% 64bit
Is there any benefit to treating this as a new Install vs just updating?
or should I just update and point to the 64bit plugs only?

Trying to streamline and de-clutter as much as I can since 90% of my plugs are 64bit


the content is common to all versions: the application itself is installed separately and the content is updated, you can use the updater in your case.


So, Fabio, if I’m currently using C8.5 Pro and d/l the full version of 9.5 Pro (11.76 GB), the installer will only install the program files specific to 9.5 and then just update the “content” from 8.5 as needed, yes? I’m asking because I did not see an updater from 8.5 to 9.5 in the Download Assistant.

BTW, can someone who already installed C9.5 Pro tell me how much hard drive space it consumes? Cheers…

Yes, indeed. When the installer dialogue lists the various entries, you will read ‘Already installed’, ‘Will be installed’ or ‘Will be updated’ besides every entry.
Not reckon without checking all the files, but I guess something around 4-5GB from 8.5 to 9.5.

I did a separate install because I was not sure if my key commands wild dissapear and I have set them up the way I like them. So I’ve I place my keycommands and preference files in the new cubase I’ll uninstall the 9.03
I found my keycommands, I just need to find my preferences. Not sure where yet reside

I’m in the process of doing this myself…all my pref are gone… I really hate this part…such a waste of friggin time.
I copied all my settings from C9
Seems like all My “User interface” colors aren’t working… after all the hours I spent on them…lmao…it never ends does it?

I did a full install, it still imported my V9 settings regardless

Good to know for future installs.

I ended up sitting at the comp for a few hours with 9.0 & 9.5 open in order to get my colors matched…lol

The issue for me was that they now changed the way colors are handled and removed/added/replaced some of the locations and settings so C9.5 had nothing displayed for those settings.
e.g. Mix Console Rack Colors were blank.

I ended up getting it to the way I liked it before…

Just a tip…for all people they want to transfer their settings: Just use the profile manger feature. Store your profile to a file and then import it
in Cubese 9.5 and everything will be restored. :wink:

Unfortunately things like VST connection configurations and presets in the Studio tab of the VST connections window, don’t get added to profiles. Big pain.