9.5 Video Aspect issue?

Not sure if this has to do with the new engine or something else, I’ve got videos in my live project file, work fine in 9.0, but when i open the project in 9.5 the video is suddenly in 4:3, technically i can stretch the frame to be proper, but that is negated when i hit full screen (which is what I would do in a live scenario)

Anyone else hit this issue? I was going to upgrade elements as well since I generally prefer to run that on the live machine, but if this doesnt work properly, I’ll just keep elements at 9.


The new video engine has been used in Cubase 9.0.30 already. So if you don’t have the same issue in C9.0.30, then it’s something else then the video engine.

I’ll double check tonight but I’m pretty sure I’m patched up to 9.0.30 so something else in 9.5 is causing this. I opened a support request but havent heard back yet.

so my C9 wasnt up to 9.0.30, once i patched it, my c9 had the same issue, so i guess its the new video engine as a whole messing with my aspect. sent the info over to support, so fingers crossed i can get this fixed.