[9.5] voicing seriosus error

Hi, I can not finish the project because i have encountered a bug: when applying voicing mode cubase says “serious error, save your work under different name and reopen Cubase” - but it does not help, reinstalling cubase doesn’t help too.

I wanted to recreate the project: the same error.

I think it could be in special situation: i work with reason rewired - i can send all needed files but have no clue what conditions could be responsible for such behaviour. (i used also hybrid VST in this project)

sorry for small info but my English is far from perfect and don’t know how to describe problem.

it is not in the special situation - error occurs in every situation in my case:
windows 10 fall update, lenovo ideapad i7 6700hq, 32 RAM, 500 SSD + 1 TB HDD, steinberg ur 12 (beta driver due to audio dropouts - but i have tried every drivers without change) + akai lpk 25

so, cubase is rather useless to me now - please fix that. Thanks