9.5 Waveform not working

Hi all,
I am having a problem with Cubase 9.5 not showing waveforms whilst recording and after recording, they’re just not showing up atall, this has only started happening after I got a new PC last week and reinstalled cubase. I have looked through the forums here and seen that there is others having the problem and none of the fixes that have worked for some people have worked for me. Does anyone know if Steinberg have addressed this yet?

Just to give some information I am using Cubase LE 9.5 that came with my line 6 UX1, previously I was using this on Windows 7 on my laptop and having no problems, laptop died as it was old so I purchased a new desktop pc using an AMD processor and Radeon gfx card and windows 10 pro, I will list a few things I have tried and nothing has worked yet…

Reinstalled Cubase.
Reset cubase preferences in cubase safemode.
Changed track colour.
Changed show waveform to on and off in settings.

The projects I have from my old system still show wave forms but any new recordings don’t.

Any information would be greatly appreciated as it is making things extremely difficult going forwards.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure Preferences > Record > Audio > Create Audio Images during Record is enabled.

Then you can double-check, there is Images folder in the project sub-folder (at the same level as the Audio folder is) and *.peak files are present there.