Or you start selling 9.5 now or I went to spend all my money on other sales )))

9.5 has not been released yet.
Most probably it will be released on Thursday 7th December.

a good sales scheme, when everyone has already spent on a black Friday)

Learn to manage your money and you wont have any trouble upgrading. There’s no practical difference between releasing the update before or after the black friday sales.

Besides the next upgrade will be only 49 bucks.

The pertinent question is “Should I buy plugin X while the sales last?” If the point of plugin X is to do something that’s newly covered in the 9.5 upgrade, then I just wasted my money. If I wait, the sale may end, and if the purpose was NOT filled by C9.5, then I end up paying more for plugin X. Thus wasting money.

Go look for a new hobby…

I do not talk about how to spend money for me, I’m talking about building marketing and sales)

It’s not Black Friday everywhere…

It is on the interwebs.

Actually, I’ve bought most of my plugins on Black Fridays - some excellent bargains everywhere, even in the UK. And then I upgrade Cubase as a Xmas present :smiley:


but I said)

Yes this system of 0.5 updates really suks bigtime. Why the user thinks in the store it buys C9 and must pay for halftime updates he does not know!
Also 6 weeks update time time for free is, very very small.

Bought C9 in summer this year. Any again it is paytime! For 9.5…
Also 6 weeks update time time for free is, very very small.

Just like with Wavelab 9! Bought in summer 2017.
Paytime for an halftime update to 9.5! Really good system. Just to get more mo out of your users…
Also 6 weeks update time time for free is, very very small.

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Ooops…got that wrong, didn’t I! A change in release schedules…what is the world coming to. :smiley:

You don’t have to buy upgrades immediately they are released; honestly, you can decide for yourself, nobody’s forcing you. So wait; save money now, be happy. Look forward to future fun/joy.

looks perspicacious, but looking at others still has where to seek

almost done downloading…

What about 9.5 & High Sierra?

I have allready stated that when you buy software in the shop, it is not given that there are Payed updates (you find that out later).
Also the 6 weeks free update is a little short.
And what happens to the Cubase 9 updates does this go on ?
Or must we update to 9.5 to be sure that errors are fixed ?

There generally is a final maintenance update after the release of the next version. The store lists all the update prices so I would say that it’s not a surprise.

Downloaded, installed and running flawlessly. All back projects (8.5 & 9) loading. Major update for a .5.
Bravo SB.