9.5Pro working well, but still one oh so stupid thing persists

I’m really enjoying 9.5Pro. Good work SB.

But why-oh-why do I still have to have a mixer fader panel in every mixwindow on every screen stealing valuable real estate which could much better be used to show inserts, sends et al.

It looks daft having 4 mixers across 4 screens. And it’s a dreadful waste of screen real estate.

I want to be able to selectively hide the fader panel on a per mixwindow basis, just like I can most other panels, leaving only a small bridge meter at the bottom as an activity indicator for each channel.

I can even do this on the main mixwindow, where I don’t even want to hide it - doh! But not on the others, where it would be very useful.

Please make it so. I’ve asked for this for a while now and it just seems so obvious, and probably not so difficult to implement.

man if I knew WTF you are talking about I might be inclined to figure out a solution.

Oh great one, you Grand Senior Member, how Fing rude.

not trying to be a dick, trying to understand what you are ranting about.

Ok understood.

I’ll see if I can do some screenshots tomorrow to explain better what I mean.


perfect. Seriously, there are thousands of options people don’t understand and another thousand that would be cool to have. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes when it isn’t clear what the problem is.

Cubase has 3 MixConsoles and the Lower Zone MixConsole, all of which can have different settings at the same time. If you have multiple monitors you can open multiple MixConsoles showing different things.

His problem with this system is that it’s not possible to hide the faders on the 3 main MixConsoles. The faders can be 100% redundant depending on how you have set things up, wasting screen space.

ah, that is indeed not possible.

Yes, that explains it perfectly.

So I would like an option to hide the faders in the MixConsoles and leave only a small bridge meter, freeing up real estate for other stuff I want to show.

A client actually asked why I had so many mixers open. Starts to look a bit stupid on 3+ monitors. :grin:

I agree
Hope in 9.5.1!

Screen shot of 4 screen Cubase system, with quite unnecessary set of faders on each screen, and nothing you can do about it. On 2 of these screens, in my situation, I’d like to get rid of the faders to free up space for other things, like channel strips etc.


I understood it from the first post. Try harder to help someone, or don’t bother posting.

no thanks, I really don’t care what you do or don’t understand. I’ll do it my way thanks. Piss off and have a great day!

9.5Pro working well, but still one oh so stupid thing persists

Only one thing! come now, I like the sense of humour.