$9000.00 for a pair of 8 foot speaker cables?

Aloha guys,

I realize that technology moves forward and the world is fast becoming
more wireless everyday but WOW!


These seem to be ‘Alex Lindsay’ or US military prices. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey man, I bought a pair right when they came out, even though I could only buy it in even numbered lengths, and I really wanted it in odd numbered.

But I’m not using them in the studio, I’m hanging myself with them, for buying them. :smiling_imp: :wink:

Imagine a shield so thick that noise at any frequency or severity cannot possibly pass through it.

Isn’t that basically saying that nothing will pass through it? So, if I hook these up to my system, I won’t hear any audio? Hmmm…

You can get custom lengths!

It has vibration-dampening mass, and an RF shield that “converts the energy to another form”!

Imagine a shield so thick that noise at any frequency or severity cannot possibly pass through it.

Easily done if you also happen to be a bit thick.

…converts the energy to another form…

I think the real conversion is about converting your cash into their cash :wink:

What’s always funny about all things audiophile, is that the cost of production and return on volume sold is probably in line with the price of the product (if you ignore companies like Monster that charge $90 for $1 worth of product, but I don’t consider them audiophile anyhow). However, the delta between cost/performance of these uber cables and .05 a foot copper wire is astronomical.

If someone wants that last 0.0000000000000001% of audio fidelity that’s lacking from the $3.99 pair of Radio Shack interconnects … there is no option but the mega-expensive five-figure-price-tag placebo effect interconnects. Anything less will not suffice. It takes shelling out an absurd amount of money to convince some folks of the superior quality. Buyers remorse notwithstanding. :wink:

OMG. Aluminata Illuminati :laughing: Spending that much money on a cable must be a ritual act… things people think about while bathing in champagne.

My favorite thing is when you terminate the uber wire with rca, banana or clamps so you can connect them to your speaker and amp. They don’t seem to notice that the gazzillion dollar cable is actually being conducted by a .0001 cent set screw + conductor band that is in contact with .00000000000000000001 of the cable. Truly funny.

I can’t wait to push my mp3’s through those bad boys.

I am sure you’ll be pleased. My wax cylinders have never sounded so good as they do through those cables!

yeahhh… finally i see decent matching cables to hoke up with my behringer minimon :ugeek:

Falls into the same category as sample rates > 48 kHz.

While working at a U2 concert a few years ago I heard somebody scream stop to a driver, you’re about to drive over a $14,000 cable man. I said to myself maybe I should get in the cable business :question: Indeed some cables are very expensive.

14,000 dollars a year is pretty cheap for a cable man. :laughing:

The mains run for a PA system is a bit different than a 10 foot wire to hook your a speaker to a receiver.

If you want sheer bull-sh1t look here http://www.highendcable.co.uk/Nordost%20VALHALLA%20Power.htm

How about a USB cable… for $9K ?!?

Or you can have a 2.0 meter one for $15.3K


When you’ve bought that, maybe you need to stick a bag of “brilliant pebbles” to it -->

My Cable man charges $40/hr for home visits, which he seems to need to do at least once or twice a year. But anyway, that is almost $80,000 per annum, I’m guessing the mixing engineer either was intentionally low-balling, or it’s some promotional opportunity by the cable company.

And that is just labor, doesn’t even include parts.