99 track limit still present for audio CD report

When wanting to create a report (not write a CD) for a collection of tracks more than 99 using the audio CD report tool a dialogue comes up saying the CD contains too many tracks and it will not proceed. There is also a block for tracks which are less than 4 seconds in length.
PG is there any way you can give us an option to continue anyway? There was discussion about this over a year ago so maybe it is not as simple as that? (I know it is possible to do it from the Clips window but that only has very limited text formatting options).

From WaveLab 9, CD reports for montage above 99 min are possible.
But you are right, more than 99 tracks and tracks shorter than 4 seconds should also be possible.
I will allow that in WaveLab 9.0.20.


Great! Thanks PG.