9th Fret Harmonics

Is there a way to input a 9th fret harmonic? It always shows 3.9 when I try it. I don’t really care if it is playable on the playback, I just want it to show on my printout. Is there a way to hide just that fret number on the tab and insert a number nine in its place.?

Hi Ron,
You need to set the “Node” property of the note to “2”, to indicate that it is the second node of the 5th harmonic rather than the first. That will give you a fret number of 8.8:
9th fret harmonic.dorico (358.8 KB)

Thanks Richard. I understand now what those decimaled numbers mean. They are still trying to give you the fret, but its not really the ninth fret, its just .2 less. I never really thought of that. So the 8.8 should actually give me a better idea of where I need to touch the string.
That will certainly work.
Thanks a lot