9To10 pro

I have Cubase 9 pro last night I purchased the upgrade from pro 9 to pro10 but when I downloaded it only the Cubase pro 10 was there, so please tell me how do I install this do I have to uninstall my pro9 first or directly install the pro 10 :question:
As you know this 21Gb download which is very time consuming to download so I can’t keep downloading different softwares so kindly guide me on how to do the proper installation for this. I have the activation code.

Directly install pro 10 full. You can leave 9 as is.

Please tell me if I install directly without uninstalling Cubase pro 9 will all my previous data still be saved it won’t get deleted? Also will my setting be the the same for example wave data, song folder and plug-ins ?

They will be installed as 2 entirely different programs that do not interact with each other (outside of hopefully migrating your prefs from 9 to 10 during installation)