A 100dB(!) audio glitch in Cubase (Elements)


That was a tiny bit crazy…

Version: Cubase Elements 9.5.30

My audio driver was “Generic Low Latency Drive”, allowed other programs to play audio as well and (thus) had a 100 second buffer (was OK, I just did some fixing and reviewing).

Ok, now I open the “import audio” tab and preview one of the files with the internal player…
I skip around within it and… KRZFPF##!§$)BRAWHZZ

Luckily it wasn’t deafening, just a very nasty and still loud “white noise” blast. It just lasted a half second and goes quite afterwards… but still, the master bus shows a crazy 100dB(!!!) signal. Then the ghost-signal disappears, but I could still read that the previous sound the master bus received was 100dB loud.

After that the entire project was silent when playing it. I restarted Cubase and everything was fine again.
But I still want to report this, since, even though surely a very rare occurance this is not quite harmless. Under bad circumstances someone might blast their ears or gear… or if they have a weak heart… well…