A/B Scene For Channel

I want a way to set up a ONE BUTTON way to flip back and forth between two ‘scenes’ for a channel=== ie. inserts, sends, etc.

I want to be able to hear INSTANTLY the A/B of say, one guitar amp vs. another.


I think this would be helpful.

I wonder if the elasped time would disturb the A/B comparison. Some of my plugins require a brief moment to load, whereas a bypass is pretty instant.

Right now, I would have to say that this is a insert limitation issue again. If I had more slots, I could quickly bypass the chain. To take it further, if I could create a group of inserts by easily tagging them. That way I maybe could bypass the chain with a click… or perhaps bypass one group while enabling the other for an instant A/B.

For -me- it’s a question of ‘sonic memory’. If I’m A/Bing two sounds, I’ve got about 5 seconds before I start to lose my memory of subtle differences between two similar sounds.

It’s like having an eye exam. Is 3 better than 4? Is 4 better than 5? Imagine if you had to wait 20 seconds to compare. You’d never get the right prescription.