A basic newbie question - using Dorico videos

This may sound a rather basic question, but I have been looking at all of the videos which have been produced on Dorico, but I keep coming back to the same question.

I notice that the introduction of setting up and developing a simple introductory project is now not shown when the later versions of Dorico are given. The way in which s project seems to be assumed, while the appearance on the screen has altered.

Of course, it is possible yhat I am missing something, but I would be grateful if someone can answer the question : do I start with earlier versions - say, Dorico SE, or even Dorico 2, to learn these introductory details, then progress to the later versions as my projects develop and my needs for more complex projects become necessary ?

If this is the case, then it would imply that there would be a list of videos , which would start with the basic introduction to using Dorico, and the more complex needs would come last. The changes to the versions would then make more sense, as they would relate to the different changes and upgrades are included.

Can anyone advise me on these questions, as at the moment the videos give no information as to how this wonderful program has developed, and which comes before which - it is a bit difficult to makes out the progression as the different parts of the Dorico program develop.

Or am I asking for something everyone can work out for themselves ?


I think this is a valid idea to help newcomers work their way into the software. Perhaps a step-by-step list of links on the Dorico Resource Page could help newcomers step through the basics as a companion to Lillie’s First Steps documentation.

Then again, perhaps the Getting Started With Dorico SE list will suffice and should just be promoted more somehow to newcomers.


Certainly, a lot of the basic concepts with dorico have not changed, so older videos explaining the concepts of flows or the difference between write and engrave modes, for instance, still apply.

If I were you, I’d watch the most recent videos, and then go back and search for older ones to fill in any holes, with the foreknowledge that not everything will be *exactly the same.

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For an overview of “setting up a project” improvements/changes in the latest version, Dorico 4, check out this video – basically all other older methods (File > New etc) still apply.