a "batch script" for solo-track bouncing?

Hello my dear sound-traffic controllers,

please forgive me, if this question has been asked a hundred times before, but I wonder, if Cubase offers a procedure/batch script whatsoever that allows me to do several solo-track bounces “in one go” instead of being constrained to switching each track to solo and then force the mixdown.

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You can certainly export multiple single tracks using the batch export…is this what you are asking?

Not quite. Thats because I havent been precise enough. I apologize.

Let`s say, I have “created” a Midi part with Groove Agent. I dissolve this part by tone pitch & as a result get a number of Midi parts containing the different drum instruments. After I have re-arranged them, I want to mix them down - of course separately - as audio files.

Correct me, if I`m wrong but the function “export multiple tracks” does not imply the automatic conversion of Midi- into audio files, does it?

If that is the case, shame on me, I should explore Cubase`s functions more carefully…

Hope, my problem is a bit more comprehensible now…

Thanks for your reply, Grim! More input would be greatly appreciated.


The export audio mixdown doesn’t include midi.

It can include instruments but the whole output will be recorded unless you mute the unwanted parts (or solo those you need)

You are wrong.

You are wrong.

Happy to stand corrected if that’s the case…but please explain the process as I suspect you are mistaken.

You can watch a little video tutorial at


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Moi??? Wrong??? :imp: :smiling_imp: :imp:


OP doen’t say she wants to export MIDI tracks, she wants the Audio from the MIDI tracks. :wink:

Moi??? Wrong???

Ooh…you’ll slip up one day…& I’ll be waiting :smiling_imp: :laughing:

So we’ve established thanks to Greg’s demo that the instrument outputs can be batch exported which I knew already …Obviously I was missing the fact we could assign different outs to each drum pad & export that way as individual files.

BUT… having watched the video & tried this…I’m still struggling as my Groove Agent only seems to have a single mixer channel (loaded as an instrument track or via instrument panel)…if I assign a pad to ST2 ST3 etc it just stops sounding.

What am I missing now other than a few brain cells??

Did u activate the multiple output setting in the vst instrument window?

Dear Greg, that video told me the truth! Thanks for that!

Thanks a lot you guys!


Did u activate the multiple output setting in the vst instrument window?

Duh…No!!..Didn’t even know that feature was there :blush: …been a while since I seriously used midi & that feature definitely didn’t exist in Pro 24 on the Atari :mrgreen:

If you want to export sections of a track, you may want to program a macro
in FILE ->KeyCommands ->Show Macros.
In that case you export only the part(s) you selected and you don´t have to export the whole track.

  1. Add Macro and name it, lets say RENDERED AUDIO
  2. Search for “Locators to selection” and ADD COMMAND
  3. Search for “Edit ->Solo” and ADD COMMAND
  4. Search for “Export Audio Mixdown” and ADD COMMAND
  5. Make sure you have selected in the EXPORT AUDIO MIXDOWN window:
  • Import to Pool/AudioTrack
  • Close window after Export
  1. Search for RENDERED AUDIO in the KeyCommands -> Macros section and assign it a keycommand.


Now you have it just one key away…

Hope this helps.
All the best.