A beaming question

Hi! Is this default Dorico beaming right?

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I don’t think so. The 8th notes should appear first, then the tied 32th and the three 32th notes. Have you tried selecting the notes>invoke context menu>Beaming>Reset beaming? Or Edit Menu>Reset Appearance?
[Edit]: I tried it and it’s what Dorico outputs. Looks wrong to me.
I’ve needed to use force duration on the second note to get an 8th note and lengthen it to get this result which looks clearer to me:

I don’t know why Dorico behaves this way.


Marc is right and Dorico is wrong. There are all sorts of beam grouping rule minutia, but generally within a beat, you should show two levels up, so if you are using 32nds you have to show the 8th beat boundaries within the last grouping here. I think I’m a bit more forgiving about crossing the beat than most, as some get into all sorts of arguments about overly fussy beaming in the MET forum, but there’s really not a reasonable circumstance where Dorico’s beaming is correct here. (Maybe an unusual 9/8+[5+7]/32, but it shouldn’t default to that, LOL, and even with that the rests wouldn’t be correct.) It seems like there must be some sort of grouping option either missing or incorrectly applied here.


Ok, I’ll just classify it as a bug then and fix manually.