A Beautiful Memory


let me know, what you guys think?


Hey Cubase6 user

Awesome mellow tune, great melody’s and dreamy chord structures.
Also dig the “double bass” sound you used. Nice smooth pleasant mix :sunglasses: The breaks in the song give the tune a nice change in gear, keep the song relaxed but allow a sense of motion.

I think this is great man :smiley:

Cheers, Chris

I like it too thought I think you need to build in more variations and bring in more instruments. It’s a very good production and nice sounds you’ve got there, I would just like to hear more bass in support of the melody. If you can put in a bridge and transpose to another key it would be much more interesting. Michael.

Thanks so much for listening guys, I agree, more “variations”, I will add them in the next revision…

Very nice :sunglasses:

I see you like the same patch from Omnisphere that I do :laughing: