A better way to change clip gain with the mouse

As it is now, if I want to change a clip’s gain (via the mouse), I drag the little dot at the top middle of the clip up or down.

It would be great if it was like Studio One and you can grab ANYWHERE on the top of the clip, not just the dot in the middle of the clip.

If I’m zoomed in far to a clip, I have to zoom out until I see that dot before I’m able to drag up or down to change gain. This problem doesn’t exist in Studio One, as I can drag from anywhere on the top of the clip, not just a dot in the middle.

And yes I know I can use the info bar too, but thats a pain compared to this better solution.

Use keycommands?

Sorry, maybe I should have included stars around the title where it says “with the mouse”

I select the clip and then use the mouse wheel while hovering over the clip “volume” in the info line up top.

I use key commands for this (and a lot of other audio editing tasks) and it is very fast. But I agree this would be a good option w a modifier key.

I’ve used the mouse scroll wheel for years for this, in 1dB increments while hovering over a selected event. Works perfectly. Just need to tick the box in the Preferences to enable it.

Yeah I feel you, and I have tried this, but unfortunately it just doesn’t feel quite right for me personally- I always am meaning to scroll up or down the project and accidentally change event volumes.