A big thank-you for staff spacing

I want to say THANK YOU to the development team for the brilliant functionality of the staff spacing tool. I just finished an orchestral score for printing, and I did end up making a fair amount of manual adjustments to staff spacing (yes, I know about all the global settings, but I was feeling especially picky today).

Anyways, during the entire layout adjustment, I didn’t touch the mouse once. Dorico made short work of it. If anyone’s interested, here are the keystrokes I used:

Shift-Alt-bracket: change layout
Alt-X: I mapped this to be Page Height, which is a really handy way to jump to a zoom that shows the whole page
Tab: alternate between system handles and staff handles
Shift-down arrow: select multiple handles
Alt-L/R arrow: jump to different pages
Alt- arrow and Ctrl-Alt-arrow: small and large adjustments, respectively.

I was especially thrilled that, if my laptop lagged slightly during a rapid burst of keystrokes, Dorico logged them all. With a keyboard-based workflow and a little caffeine in my system, I can sometimes literally adjust staves and systems faster than my laptop can update the layout (though it’s momentary bursts, and doesn’t happen often). The upshot is that I can adjust staves and systems as fast as my brain can think… and it’s just getting faster.

Thanks team.

You’re very welcome, Dan. Really glad it works well for you.