A/Bing pitch corrected vocals?

Well I probably should have created a new track version first, but I didn’t, and now I was wondering if its possible to A/B pitch corrected vocals done through VariAudio Pitch and warp in the sample editor with the original unaltered recording? Seems hitting the variAudio button on and off in the sample editor does’t actually change the sound.

Also, is it possible to adjust the volume of individual pitches in Pitch & Warp ala Melodyne? I know I can do it in the “process” tab in the sample editor, but this removes the pitch & time analyzation so I instead have to use the range tool to select words, which is a bit more difficult than just selecting the analyzed block. I know this can be done in Melodyne and I’m hoping Cubase can do something similar?

Lastly, I’ve noticed that while in the sample editor when I use the “play tool” (speaker) to play back sections in solo, they are WAY louder than normal playback. Is there some kind of setting thats making this tool playback audio louder?

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I’m pretty sure there is a “remove pitch data” drop down in there somewhere.

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[Edit] see later entry below…


PS:- your original (unaltered) audio should still be in the Pool if you dig around a little - you could re-import that to a new track and then be able to (clumsily) check before/after against that… might be something to think about… good luck…!

When your program settings are set to ‘make new version’ out of edits (see screenshot) you should be able to duplicate your track to a track version and undo all VA processing there >>> result should be v1 with VA and v2 without.

VA on/off is working here too. With just light corrections the eye sometimes fools the ear, try some bizarre pitching (lots of semitones) and try on/off again.

No. At an insane, nearly unusable high zoom level you get a mute-X by hovering over to mute a segment, smooth leveling is something to hope for in a future version.

While playback the signal runs through the channel, with the speaker/scrub tool the audio is played back 1:1. If you have control room enabled you can turn down the listening level for such usecases there. Been close to heart attack myself a few times :astonished: :laughing:

Ah…! so, thanks once more marQs…! You’re on a roll… :slight_smile: I went looking further and have now found what you (and probably DaveAbbott) were on about… all this time and didn’t even know it worked like that… :wink:

Also got the key command for it; its under Sample Editor -> VariAudio -> Bypass Pitching

So, to the OP, there’s your solution for this A/B-ing type function; the volume adjustment however, as has been said, would be a nice enhancement… (BTW,some others here:- http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=429668#p429668)