A Bit Of Help Needed Please (thanks !)

Hi folks,

Sorry for this stupid question but I am 99.9% sure I wrote (or at least largely contributed to) a thread discussing HALion 5 because I was (and still am) considering buying it. But I am totally damned if I can find it. It will have been within the last 9 x months. I have tried all he obvious searches but I can’t find it !! I would really like to read it again if possible and if anyone can kindly help locate it please !!

Also, I posted a couple of threads in VST section if anyone can help with these Cubase Valentine Sale questions ??

I have been off he scene for a bit because I broke my leg and fractured my ankle on Xmas Eve plus had other s*** going on etc. But I would like o try and get back into my music and learning Cubase again.

btw - If anyone ever fancies a chat on Skype then please buzz me on there. i am going stir crazy here living in a parallel universe !!



Go to your personel profile area (Click on your user Name above). Then click on overview - your threads. There you will have the list of all the threads you have posted something for.

Hi Svengali,

Thanks for your reply mate.

The only thing i could see on my Profile page was ‘View Posts’ but i don’t think that’s quite what you meant ??



Maybe try the other view posts (when logged in) at the top of this page, next to messages.

And to be extra helpful, two topics concerning Halion from you :wink:
Komplete VSTi (or similar ??)
Artist 6 (HALion advice please)

Good luck with the leg!

Thanks Niles. It was in the Artist 6 thread cheers.

I do have some questions thought regarding this subject as HALion 4 is now 5. So I wanted to check please in case the previous advice kindly given (in Artist 6 thread) has been super-ceded .

I can not work out what would be the best way (and cheapest) to upgrade from what I currently have to HALion 5. I was wondering if there was a way to take advantage of the Valentines sale to upgrade ?? From what I understand you need to purchase a download ‘trial’ version of HALion Sonic 2 for £81.00 (was £162), and then upgrade from HALion Sonic 2 to HALion 5 (which I think is only available as a ‘boxed’ version ?? But I can not work out if HALion 5 is actually on offer in the Valentines sale or not ?? And if it IS, then would I be better buying the FULL version of HALion 5 (I think is £162.00 but am hoping is in the 1/2 price sale) ??

Hope I have explained that ok !!



Halion 5 isn’t on offer in the Valantines sale.
So when you buy HS2 with a 50% discount for €99,- (sorry I don’t see the £ price) and the Halion 5 upgrade* from HS2 for €99,- you’ll end up paying €199,- for Halion 5.
The regular price for the full Halion 5 version is €349,-
So you can save some money if you where planning to buy Halion 5.

  • most likely a download version because HS2 already contains all the content. In any case Steinberg can always provide you a download link to all the content when needed.

Cheers Niles,

You say that I can save some money if I was to purchase HALion 5. But HALion Sonic 2 has always been £81.00p if (like me) you are going to upgrade to from HALion Sonic to HALion 5. I mean there is no price change in this process as far as I can see ?? I checked it lots of different ways but of course I could still be wrong here.

Appreciate your help.


Sorry Paul, I missed you already own Halion Sonic (1), I now see it in you sig.
In that case I think you can’t save money indeed. Strangely enough the update from Halion Sonic to Halion Sonic 2 isn’t included in the Valentine’s sale.

Cheers Niles,

That’s exactly what I thought. Your help was really appreciated !!

I downloaded the ‘trials’ for HALion Sonic 2 and HALion 5 last night.


If you purchase the items in your shopping cart today, can you ACTIVATE them at a later date (ie just buy the Codes and then do all the installation etc at a later date) ?? Or does EVERYTHING have to be completed today ??

I have been offered this boxset from an eBay seller. I am not sure if it is HALion 5 including HALion Sonic 2, or just HALion 5 ?? Would this be a cheaper and better method than purchasing the software via the ‘trial’ versions on the Steinberg website ??




Doesn’t Halion 5 include all the content from HS2 anyway?

Thanks Strophoid,

Sorry I forgot to add the link !! Pasted it in now !! Though its an EDUCATIONAL version and if I purchase it will Steinberg require some form of proof of employment from me ?? The eBay seller said that if they ask for proof and I am not able to provide it, then I may not be able to Activate the boxset. I have been a piano teacher on and off since leaving music college 15 x years ago, but at the moment I have a broken leg and ankle which has left me unemployed since December because I am still awaiting a couple of operations on it. Anyway, that’s what I needed confirming. Whether or not the boxset (as in the link) included EVERYTHNG required the make the jump ??

If I installed ‘trial’ versions of HALion 5 and Sonic 2, then will this cause issues if I purchased and installed the BOXSET version ?? Would the pre-installed ‘trial’ software just get overwritten or would I need to UNINSTALL it first and so start again from fresh ??

If you purchase items (disregarding HALion 5 and Sonic 2) in your shopping cart today, can you ACTIVATE them at a later date (ie just buy the Codes and then do all the installation etc at a later date) ?? Or does EVERYTHING have to be completed today ?? The 6 x products I would like to purchase are all Activation Codes :-

Grand SE 3

HAL Sonic Orch

Neo Soul Keys


Hypnotic Dance

Planet Dark

Only 2 x hours left !! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:



I purchased :-

Grand SE

HALion Sonic Orchestra

and also downloaded the TRIAL versions for :-

HALion Sonic 2 and HALion 5

I currently have (what I think are called) ISO files on my desktop.

My question is please :-

What do I do with these ISO’s please ?? Do they have to be burned to a DVD or CD and then copied back onto my laptop ?? And if so, do I need special software to be able to perform this task ?? I have never done anything like this before so any help would be greatly received !!



Burn installer disks from the ISOs …


Your Windows 8.1 laptop should open the ISO files without having to burn them to a disk first .
It will appear as a " virtual disk " in file explorer .

I downloaded the free “Elaborate Bytes VirtualCloneDrive”, it’s a small bit of software that creates a virtual CD drive that can read your ISO files as if they were actual CD’s. Works very easy (on my windows 7 64-bit) and saves you a CD :wink:.

Cheers Strophoid,

Is this the site mate ??



Hi DF,

Ok ta, i will try it again out shortly. i think the first time i tried it a message came up saying something like “Allow PC to choose an item in the APP’s store to open this file” ??



Thats great SP. i will have a good read tonight cheers.


Hmm, I got it from a 3rd party website but that should be it. I’m not on the computer I downloaded it on right now so I can’t check, but judging by the image icons on that website I got Virtual Clone (nearly at the bottom of the list, the angry sheep instead of the funky one :wink:) instead of Virtual Clone Drive.

I was only able to burn 1 x ISO file to DVD because the sizes are over 4.6GB (which is the size of the DVD discs !!). I did not realize they were so big. And I just spent £10.00p on a pack of 25 !!

The only one which would fit was HALion Grand SE as it was less than 3GB. I assume I have done it correctly because it works ok (to my ears). Though the whole process (on my Windows 7) took over an hour which I was quite surprised about.