A bit of help with playing techniques and instruments


I’m converting an orchestral score made with NOTION 6 into Dorico using (the evaluation installation of) NotePerformer 3. I’m doing it manually and not through importing a MusicXML representation from NOTION mostly because I want the practice manual input in Dorico.

Now I have the following two problem: missing playing techniques and missing instrument.

In NOTION I have used some playing techniques for the snare drum (i.e. drag, flam, rim shot, ruff, ) not available in Dorico, and I would like to have some hints on how to proceed. Currently I’ve used text objects attached to the various notes. Is that a proper way of bypassing the problem (possibly changing the font to match the other Dorico’s playing techniques)? Can I create my own playing technique, and is it worth wishing to have it playing back in the future?

In my NOTION score I’ve also used the “thunder sheet” instrument sharing the stave with the “tam-tam”. Now “thunder sheet” is missing in both Dorico and NP3, and the default “tam-tam” sound is too small. Dorico will use the NP3 large tam-tam mapping it to “large gong”. Now, wishing to rename the “large gong” instrument to “tam-tam” where is the best place to do it? Moreover, wishing to have an instrument change to “thunder sheet” but keeping the large gong playing how I have to do it: using again the text object, or having another large gong instrument renamed to “tam-tam” and do a proper instrument change?

Thank you in advance for any help given.

In the Setup > Player boxes, you can click on the actual instrument (not Player) name for a pull-down that gives you a Change Name option.

That would be called Edit name, IIRC.

Whoops! :blush:

Thank you