A Brief Moment of Consciousness, Spitfire BBC Core Edition

Hi All, this is my second exercise to learn how to use Spitfire BBC Core.

I posted this piece about 2 years ago, using patches from FM8, the DX7 emulator synth that comes with Komplete. Here it is:

I thought this piece would work as an orchestral piece, but you be the judge!

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I like the latest orchestral piece better. Works really good. I could imagine this as a sound track for a Philip Marlowe remake for example…

Thanks for listening! I’m starting to understand the tool better.

I preferred the orchestral version too. More sonic depth.

Raino, your input much appreciated!

I think i prefer the newer orchestral version too, certainly the orchestral instruments sound like real ones whereas in the earlier version they do sound like synths (not that this is necessarily a bad thing).
As raino suggests this gives the newer version more depth.
I know the Spitfire sounds can sound amazing but as with most of these things it’s how you use them that really counts…so, nice one!

Planarchist, thanks for listening and commenting! When I first created the piece I wanted it to sound artificial, (I mean it is supposed to be an artificial intelligence becoming aware) but I just thought it would be another good test for the orchestra.

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In that case maybe a hybrid would be cool - start artificial and then evolve into a more organic sound.

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Thanks, yeah, it’s a really good idea. I still want it to revert back to synths, because the consciousness goes away. I’m sure I could do it, as I was just recently playing around with a similar idea on a different song, that I haven’t posted yet. Again, thanks for your valuable comments!

Hi Leon,

Finally got a chance to listen to your work. Actually, as far as the comparison goes, the electronic version has its merits. I especially like the bass work, it really stands out.
The orchestral version is superior as a sonic experience but I missed the bass. Maybe put the two together and see what happens? or not…

In any case, I enjoyed listening as always.


Hi Jonathan, I agree about the bass, and the same can be said about the drums. But it was an exercise to learn more about using the Spitfire tool. I may try to put the two together as you suggest. At least now I’m getting confidence that I can use it. I have since done a new piece that does in fact start with synths and move to full orchestra and then move back. Didn’t post it though.

Thanks for comments!

It’s 1st time i (from sosanhgia.com.vn ) practise Spitfire BBC Core, the tool is so useful

Hi sosanhgiacomvn, welcome to Made With Cubase. Are you saying you are using Spitfire BBC Core? Would love to hear what you are doing.

That’s awesome - didn’t see this before listening to your CO2 Balance. Lovely foreboding feel!


Thanks, Steve. Was a good exercise in learning how to program that orchestra.