A bug in "Touch mode" Automation

First of, I’m new here and I’m very impressed with what Cubase can offer compared to other DAWs, but there is only one single bug that prevents me from buying Cubase. So Steinberg, if you read this, please fix it. The bug is: when I’m automating a volume fader in “Touch mode” automation, the fader doesn’t go back to the original position when I let go the fader (the way it’s supposed to be). I know that I can do a workaround by adding two value points at the beginning and end of a track, but imagine I have a big project with lots of tracks! You probably would say this is normal… but it’s not, please look at Logic Pro or Pro Tools… this is a very basic yet essential feature and sadly other DAWs work perfectly fine except Cubase

is “virgin territory” on perhaps?

I’m aware of “Virgin Territory” and it’s NOT on, have “Touch Mode” Automation worked for you properly? I’m pretty sure if you open a blank track (without adding two value points at the beginning and the end of that track), the fader will not go back to the original when you finish automating in touch mode. Even Nuendo can do this automatically and EVERY DAW does this atomically too

That is the way Cubase handles automation. I don’t like it…

You have to make an automation point at the end of the track if you want it to work like Nuendo and other daws.

Okay, I hope Steinberg will acknowledge this is a bug and will fix it soon, it is really a workflow killer, otherwise it’s the perfect DAW

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Come to think of it I think it was discussed recently (I’m on Nuendo) and I forgot about it. Seems it may be a low priority for them to solve it.

I don’t know what is the main priority for them to be honest, this is a very important feature for mixing, it’s a must when mixing I should say. I’m mainly a Logic and Pro Tools user, I’m trying Cubase Trial at the moment to decide whether I should make the switch or not. I’m liking everything else in Cubase but this one feature makes me think back, as it’s very crucial for me