A Bug reintroduced in Cubase 8 Pro 8.0.10

Yes, its back. I tested multiple times, i can reproduce it every time:

In Cubase 6.5 and before when using Novation Automap, if you actually activated Automap for the Steinberg
plugins the plugins would be unresponsive, the Dials and Faders will not work by drag, only by scroll with the
mouse wheel. You had to deactivate Automap for all Steinberg plugins that come with Cubase so they can work
properly. Then along came Cubase Pro 8.0 and 8.0.05 and this was fixed, now you could actually activate Automap
with Steinberg bundled plugins and everything will work fine. Then came version 8.0.10 and its all screwed up
again. I went back to 8.0.5 2 times and then back to 8.0.10 again and i confirmed it that is because of the newer
version of Cubase that this is not working properly. Ok, we all now how Steinberg works and i will probably be
banned again for this but someone might have a chance to read it or say something before i get banned.

I am using Win7 x64 with Automap 4.8 and Zero sl MK2 and SL MK2 61. 16GB of RAM and an Intel I7 860.
No MIDI Interfaces, i am using TC Impact Twin FW800 with a TI Chipset Card. My computer is fully optimized.


Has anyone discovered a fix for this? I still have this issue.
Thank you