A Build In Network Solution

Something like Vienna Ensemble Pro but then integrated and optimized for Cubase. Network link the eLicenser to the slave(s) would also solve the dongle limitation so I can keep Groove Agent and Halion on 2 (or more) machines installed.

An audio input plugin that also receives the signal back into the same channel.

Still 2 months till december, I know you can make it :mrgreen:

I Agree 100% VE Pro’s Audio input is giving me head aches in Cubase. VSTi functionality with VE Pro is great with Cubase though.

On my current view on this. An external mixer, usable on host- and networked machines, would also expand the FLS limitation by adding another 128 slots or so per instance.

Still unclear how the new copy protection will turn out, but if this makes multiple activations possible, VST System Link over ethernet???