A case for better resolution in the Editors

As it stands I find the CC editors are almost unfit for purpose. I have brought this up many times, but felt largely ignored. That’s OK, I realise most users are not big playback programmers so it doesn’t have priority. However, allow me to make a simple case for it:

Say I want to produce this sound:

This is a simple quaver triplet at 60bpm, something that would be incredibly common. Normally I wouldn’t even bother with fancy patches/keyswitches and just use a sustain and edit the expression thusly:

However, you will notice that in Dorico this is not possible:

You’ll notice that because the figure is a triplet and the grid does not go any further down than a demisemiquaver, it is impossible to begin a line where the notes actually begin. This makes the editors, in my opinion, hardly more than a gimmick.

I hope this has been sufficient to demonstrate why we urgently need higher resolution and hope this time I’ll garner more support.

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Try switching from the note based grid to the sample editing mode (not sure if I have that right) it’s the waveform looking icon next to the beamed eight notes.

Makes no difference, but thank you for chipping in!

As you may have realised, the MIDI CC editor uses its own, fixed grid independent of the grid resolution used for the piano roll that you can specify in the lower zone toolbar. We will increase this fixed resolution in the next update, so that a finer increment is used.

For whatever it’s worth, after you have entered a point and it has been snapped to a particular position, you can drag it to a position between the snapped grid positions. This should at least allow you to align an initial value with the beginning of a note at a tuplet position in the meantime.


Yes, as you can see in my example it’s set to minimum.

That’s wonderful to hear, I hope it’s a lot more, like demisemihemidemisemiquaver or Cubase level of resolution.

Ah! Good to know, I will try it when the channel not playing bug is solved.