A Challenge COmbining Percussion Instruments

As part of learning Dorico, I am transcribing some of my older compositions, some via XML from Finale and others from handwritten scores. What I am working on now is a MT theater score with 32 Flows. (I can see how responsiveness can become an issue and am glad the Team continues to work on it.)

I am handling the transcription in several passes: entering notes was first, then consolidating the various flute parts in different flows that resulted from importing into a single flute part and so on. What I am working on now is using divisi to combine the chorus tracks into a one part with divisi and consolidating the many percussion instruments into two players, one primarily on drum set (and chimes) and the other on everything else, pitched and non-pitched. One figure combing a glockenspiel and an anvil has provided a challenge, and I figured I would share it with the Team–not for immediate solution, as I am quite confident that I can manage work-arounds for it–in case the Team decide to deal with admittedly esoteric situations like this down the road.

The figure for Percussion Player 2 is a gliss with one hand on the glock that ends with a hit on the anvil with the other hand.

I emphasize that the Dorico example here is “out of the box” and that I would of course be able to clean it up (in a later pass through the score) if needed.

The best current option for me in this situation, I expect, would be to keep the two instruments on two staves and figure out how to gliss between them. If left to my own devices, I would probably create a separate Pecussion 2 Layout for just this flow and include (if necessary) separate glock and anvil players, but I thought I’d throw this out there in case the Team thinks it worth a programmed solution (way) down the road. I don’t need the score in finished form right away; it was performed long ago from handwritten parts. As I said, this is just practice.

Thanks for taking a look.