A chill out instrumental

This is still a work in progress and probably needs some vocals …

All instruments are played by me except main piano hook which is midi loop…


A very nice moody piece, I reckon you should start it with what you have at 5.45 to 5.55 and at 3 to 3.30 you don’t seem very sure about what the tune is…just a bit messy there, I think the arpeggiated piano should stop during the guitar…or be pulled further back, ( or maybe even gone )they seem to be arguing with each other, if you tighten this up a little…be more sure about the tune your playing this will be a very nice piece, I know you said this is a work in progress and these critiques are made with this in mind, best to you, Kevin

Oh and sorry but I never really picked up on a piano hook anywhere in the piece…where was it ?..Kevin

Yes, I agree with your comments that the track needs to be given more direction which could mean removing segments you mentioned.
I’m still undecided about some of the guitar but these thing might become clearly once I found vocals.

The piano loop is the synth melody theme you hear every 16 to 32 bars and it the last melody before the very end.

Thanks for you input.

I really like this piece, great mood. I like what the guitar is playing, just don’t care for the tone much – doesn’t fit. Also, the piece has a nice open sound, but the guitar comes off as relatively dry in comparison… I’d like it better if the guitar had a lot of space around it, too

Nice work :sunglasses:

I was having the same doubts about the guitar part myself. I think I’ll rework the guitars again,maybe try for something more atmospheric…