A clean Sound

Well, after I posted only in anger about issues the last weeks I want to share something funny:

After I was searching for my cool Klipsch In-Ear headphones (for iphone) for a while, I yesterday did some laundry and hung out for drying - there I found my headphones, between socks and tshirts. Great! How clean they are now! I was always annoyed how dirty the ear-plugs part of them already are.

It seems that they are 100% working, even a small intermitted connection caused by a somewhat rusty connector is gone!

The key is: 120 min at 40 degrees - use black laundry only - spin at 1200 rpm - leave in the machine overnight after that - I never had such a clean sound :slight_smile:


I I took my ears off for washing… do I need the Woll- & Schonwaschgang?

Big K


1200 RPM , nice machine u have :smiley: