A comparison of NPPE demos

I was curious, so I took your original Dorico file and added the Synchron Prime instruments (except for lead & piano) with NPPE =Synchron Prime. And Can it Be-NPPE = Synchron Prime

Since there has been discussion about NP3 (and 4) and jazz playback, I tried this experiment with one of my Big Band compositions. Except for the NPPE -Synchron Prime brass, everything else is NP. Doo Be Dop!

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Wow, that’s really nice, Gary. The percussion is especially good. That’s a fun piece to listen to!


It sounded fairly good in NP3, but this is even a better sound :smiley:

I was curious to see how well NPPE would mix NP Saxes with Synchron Brass and Percussion in a piece for concert band. This is the 1st Movement of my “Ohio River Suite” ( I lived along the Ohio for 22 years :wink:). I didn’t add any effects, or make any balance adjustments between the 2. I simply loaded the NPPE instruments into the original Dorico NP4 file.

Mvt. 1 of Ohio River Suite-Original NP4 File

Mvt. 1 with NP and NPPE Prime mixed

I DID cheat-just a little bit :grin:- in that the drums, piano and bass in “Doo Be Dop!” were created with Band-in-a-Box using my chords and selecting an appropriate style. I imported those into my Dorico score. They are played back with NP4’s default percussion sounds.

Great piece, BTW :grinning:

Ok, so I repost here the Adagietto from Mahler’s 5th, I think it’s more appropriate to have all those examples in the same thread. Thanks @dan_kreider

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Very nice orchestration, Dan. Inspired.

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