a complete list of new features/changes?

Does anyone know if there is any list available with all features/changes since C5.5.2?

I don’t want to miss any useful features. :slight_smile:


There are quite a few major and even more minor updates in C6 from C5.5.2.

First of all, it looks pretty darn much nicer. a LOT easier on your eyes and the looks of it just makes at least smile.

Mmmm… Do you already have C6 or considering on purchasing one?

Major updates of course include the ones like:

  • Comping feature (excellent, intuitive and easy)
  • Tempo detection (absolute necessity)
  • Group editing possibilities (these should be far more sophisticated thou, meaning, that one should be able to group t.eg. Mixer entries/parameters on multiple tracks)
  • New quantizing features
  • Support for 192kHz audio
  • AmpRack plugin
  • Halion Sonic SE
  • Loopmash 2
  • NoteExpression 2 (a huge step forward!)
  • New EXCELLENT automation editing features!! Now THIS is one really important improvement for me!!! It plain rules.
  • Elastique audio format mode (very good enhancement!!)

Minor improvements (the ones that I have noticed by myself) include something like:

  • Possiblility to adjust the adjoining point of two consequtive events, simultaneously on both of those events (meaning where the first one ends and the next event begins. At least I couldn’t use this on C5 if it existed there)
  • Delete key doesn’t anymore delete tracks (very nice improvement. In C5 this function sucks *ss)
  • Quantized values for track heights (I like this very much)
  • Mixer VU-meter view (not actually sure if this existed in C5, but I found it now anyway and I LLLLOVE IT)
  • Graphical improvement on automation data entries
  • New BLUE & BLACK icon files for choice by one Mr. Tommy Dee :laughing:
  • “Add tracks to a new folder…”-feature. Nice addition to enhance workflow

… Can’t remember any more of those now. But WOW, I didn’t understand myself that the list can become so long :slight_smile: I’m sure there is quite a bunch of minor updates, but someone else can continue from here. So if you don’t yet have C6, then buy it. You’ll never miss C5 again - as good as it was… back then :wink:

-Tommy Dee

Glad it’s good for the way you work. But, to be fair to the OP, it’s worth also pointing out that, for some users, the new way the lanes work seems to be absolutely NOT what they want.

See, for instance, here:

POLL: Would you like “old” style lane editing, as an option?

and FunkyDrummer’s post 9 Mar 15:38, here:

Sell Me On The Upgrade

(I have no opinion about this - and no C6, yet :slight_smile: - just mentioning what I’ve read, in case the OP might imagine the above quote implies that the change hasn’t made things worse for anyone.)

Aloha m,

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!:):):slight_smile:



A couple of nice minor touches I like are the Export Notepad data, you get nicely delineated a plain text file from that, and up down nudge now works on the project page.

I loved that nudge feature when I was on VST, it disappeared for SX (I think) and finally came back. :smiley: