A Couple Guitar issues with Dorico on iPad

First time here, as I’ve been a Notion on iPad composer for years and am extremely happy for the power that Dorico brings to my favorite device. (I use 3 iPads currently essentially simultaneously.)

Anyway, first I imported a MusicXML File over from Notion and the Guitar part initially showed 2 staves of TAB, which was odd, and I managed to find in the Layout editor where I can have the guitar show as Notation and Tablature. But it didn’t just change the one, it ended up doubling them both. Screenshot attached to show. This one may be fixable through the menu options but I’m not sure how.

The second issue was that the Capo function doesn’t seem to work at all. When you select it it just shows “Define Capo” and then there is no functionality. This one seems like a bug or a memory issue? I created a new score and tried the capo function (to rule out the case if altering a full 5 minute song worth of notes was too memory intensive.)

Screenshot again attached.

Thank you for any help, advice, or guidance.

Welcome to the forum, @gardenofadam! The capo feature you’ve stumbled upon isn’t fully working yet, but is something that will be properly working after the next major version of Dorico for desktop is released.

For the two guitars, if you have a MusicXML file that defines both tablature and staff notation, those will be encoded as two different instruments. When you import the MusicXML, Dorico will determine whether those two instruments are sufficiently similar to be treated as a single guitar showing notation and tab, or whether they should be considered as two different instruments. If they really do correspond to the same music, choose the one that is closest to what you intend and remove the other one by deleting the player in Setup mode.

Thank you so much for the reply Daniel, I’m a big fan, and your reputation precedes you (thanks to Tantacrul).

I attempted to change the instrument, as there was only one player, with one instrument assigned, on that guitar line, so I tried changing the instrument that that player was holding, simply to “Classical Guitar” again, and then it ended up like this:

It’s very bizarre and I can’t quite tell what’s happening. I will focus on the engraving tools on the instruments that are working better and hopefully the guitar oddness will be worked out by the time I come around to them again.

Thank you again for the lightning fast response!

If you’d like to attach the project here so I can take a look, I’d be happy to try to figure out what’s going on there. It looks like you’ve ended up with the same music in two up-stem voices, an octave apart, which would suggest that you’ve somehow combined the original music for two instruments into one.

Attaching from the iPad file browser seems to have the Dorico files grayed out, that’s using the upload icon here on the chat. I’m not sure I can attach the project file from an iPad. I’ll see what kind of workarounds I can figure out.

I could break out the laptop, but that doesn’t have the iPad Dorico files saved on it, and Dorico isn’t saving to a cloud based folder (which is what I do with Notion, so I can pick up and work on my scores on whichever device I am using, phone, laptop, desktop, or any of the iPads).

That’s weird, because you can certainly upload Dorico files to the forum. You could email it to me if you like: d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Yeah, I saved the file as a Dorico Project in Apple iCloud and it is still grayed out. Odd. I’ll email it.