A Couple issues/bugs with 6.0.3 on Mac

Since updating to 6.0.3, I no longer see all the of the plugins under Audio > Plugins. This goes for when I right-click on an audio file as well. All that shows up are the Steinberg plugins and one other small brand I have. I’m missing about ten other brands of plugins. However, all of the plugins still show in the audio inserts panel.

I’m also experiencing an issue when using Retrospective Record. If I’m playing on the MIDI keyboard, hit restart (not stop/start) again, and replay what I was playing on the keyboard, half the time Cubase doesn’t buffer what I just played. It either does nothing at all after I hit my key command for Retr. Record, or it has the dialog box stating nothing is in the buffer. I know this didn’t happen in 6.0.2.