A couple more questions from a newbie

I’ve been using Cubase 8 ai. Recently purchased Cubase 10 artist. I’ve got a new laptop, so trying to get everything up and running. Finally got my hard licence today. I’m using amplitube 4 guitar plug in that’s working fine. Halion sonic SE displays this message “some audio files are missing. Please check installation”. Other sample VST’s and groove agent display missing files. How do I check the Halion installation, I downloaded Cubase 10 artist and just followed the installation instructions, how do I now rectify the Halion installation?

Also my Cubase 8 had a generic latency asio driver, which, I assume is what allowed me to manipulate my tracks without being connected to my interface, how do I get this back?

Your patience is appreciated.

No real idea about missing files. Had this too but can’t remember how it got resolved, propably by just installing all the contents again (which are more for Artist than in AI).

The generic driver should still be available, simply in Studio Setup > VST Audio System > ASIO driver.

I was able to get the generic driver happening, however still having issues with halion and groove agent etc. In the download package for Cubase 10 there’s a folder called additional content, which has individual installers for groove agent, halion, generic driver etc. I installed each of these individually and that gave me the generic driver, however no joy on halion etc. There’s also another folder called VST sound which seems like it has all the bits for halion and groove agent etc. However it’s not an installer. Am I meant to do something with the files in this folder?

The files in the VST Sound folder should be installable by being double clicked if you have Steinberg Library Manager installed. This was likely installed along with Cubase but, if not, the Library Manager installer is in the Additional Content folder.

Thanks man, I think I’ve got it sorted now. Seems a bit crazy that I had to individually add each file, it would make sense that that would be part of the installation process. I think everything’s working now, cheers.