A Couple of Dorico Newbie Questions

Hello to all,

This is my first post and I just want to take this opportunity to praise Dorico. I find it for the most part very intuitive and sensical. I love that the modes and once you get used to it Input is a breeze, as a notation program should be. I just have a couple questions after my first weekend of use.

  1. Is it possible to place guitar chord diagrams at the beginning of the score, rather than in the staves? This is a feature that is defaulted in Guitar Pro and is possible but horribly implemented in Sibelius. It is a real space saver from an engraving standpoint and I would love to use this, if possible.

2.This might be more of a system wide question, but is it possible to use the keyboard to scroll through fields and boxes in dialog options?

  1. In the Lyric Editor, editing hyphens does not seem to update the lyrics line. I am mistaken about this functionality? If so I would LOVE to see this function. It is implemented in Guitar Pro and is a real time saver.

  2. How does one delete the 1. Flow 1 frame in Engraving mode?

  3. Page Breaks don’t seem to work for me…?

  4. On Catalina I am getting a few more crashes than I would like.

    Thanks To All for Any Answers Ahead of Time,
    Christopher Wallace

  1. Not yet, but it’s been discussed.
  2. Layout Options—Page Setup—Flows. Don’t show flow header.
  3. Can you provide more info? Page Breaks are pretty predictable.
  1. No, but it’s been asked before.
  2. Not really. Tab will get you through text boxes but that’s about it.
  3. I think you may be mistaken. You have to start and finish with the same number of syllables. This is an intentional decision but may sometimes cause you grief; it’s easy enough to add or remove final syllable(s) in order to get the number right, if you’ve missed a hyphen or added too many.
  4. Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows > Show Flow Headings. Layout Options can be reached by typing Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-L from any Dorico mode, not just Engrave mode
  5. Elaborate.
  6. Next time you get a crash, reload Dorico and go Help > Create Diagnostics Report. Then post the resulting zip file (which will be on your desktop) here. For the record, I’ve been running Catalina since December and I’m not seeing many Dorico crashes here at all (in fact, I’m not sure I’ve seen any).

Welcome, Christopher!

One cannot delete anything in Engraving Mode. This deliberate feature makes it safe to move things about and improve the look of your score, without breaking anything!

Try deleting in Write Mode (where you are not protected from accidental slips, though CTL-Z is available to go back a step and restore things accidentally deleted.)

Tip: the best was to find things in the manual is to use Google…

Best wishes,


David, the place to delete a frame is the Frames submode of Engrave mode…

Thank you very much for your prompt reply, Dan. I have learned a lot from you on YouTube already. I need to watch more and often obviously.

  1. Is there a way to delete the Flow Heading altogether?

  2. I realized Frame Breaks are how Dorico goes about creating a page break, is that correct? And in that case how does one Undo a Frame Break or change the location of that break, in order to add more systems/staves to that Frame?

Thank You Again,


Thank You for your prompt reply pianoleo,

  1. That totally makes sense and why I thought it was the same as the Lyric Editor in Guitar Pro, which allows you to edit hyphens etc in that view and it will graphically update in the score editor.

Thank you for the other tips as well, the Layout Options shortcut is helping a lot.


Christopher: the flow header doesn’t get deleted per se, just removed. It’s like a property that can be shown or not shown on a per-layout basis.

You can View—Signposts, then click to select the frame break and press Delete.